We’re on a mission to educate people on the importance of checking their blood pressure regularly. Why? Because raised BP is the number one cause of preventable death worldwide.



May Measurement Month is an annual global screening campaign initiated by the International Society of Hypertension in 2017.

The main aim of the campaign is to highlight the importance of measuring BP and to raise awareness of the dangers posed by elevated BP and hypertension. Our target is to increase the numbers of participants aged 18+ who are regularly getting their BP checked and to give people the tools to understand how this information can contribute to your knowledge about your individual health. MMM also provides diet and lifestyle advice to those with BP in the hypertensive range and to facilitate improved follow up for sufferers.

On a broader level, MMM uses the data on inadequately treated hypertension to motivate governments to improve BP screening facilities and reduce the huge global burden of disease and death caused by raised BP.

Since 2017, volunteers in more than 100 countries have screened people in cities, towns, and rural villages as part of the largest FREE public blood pressure screening programme in the world. All participants discovered their blood pressure, and anyone who registered as hypertensive was given advice about what they need to do next.

May Measurement Month has been extended this year to run between 01 May – 30 November and builds on the WHL’s established World Hypertension Day (held on 17 May each year) with volunteer health professionals at local screening sites, in more than 80 countries.

Professor Neil Poulter, Former ISH President (2016 -2018), and Chief Investigator of MMM, stated:

“Even with increased threats to public health this last year, raised blood pressure remains the biggest single contributing risk factor for global death and the worldwide burden of disease. We want May Measurement Month to increase public understanding, and help save lives that need not be lost ”

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